Assistant Director

A New And Better You 

by Joe Harbot 
The Yard (June - July 2018)

Look at those tracksuit bottoms. Look at that t-shirt. When was the last time those were washed? What’s that on the front? Is that sauce? What a clear example of what not to be.

This is a story of how things can be different. How you can make a change. Let’s start with your body. You can have that body you desire. That other people desire.

Get on that treadmill. Put the work in! Improve absolutely everything and become something magnificent. Something beautiful. Something expensive. Someone we respect.

Director: Cheryl Gallacher
Assistant Director: Lizzie Manwaring

Designer: Bethany Wells

Lighting Designer:  Jess Bernberg

Composer and Sound Designer: Josh Anio Grigg

Movement Director: Seke Chimutengwende

Casting Director: Ruth O'Dowd CDG

Stage Manager on The Book: Katie Bachtler

Production Manager: Jack Greenye

Alex Austin, Saffron Coomber, Hannah Traylen, Amber Cargill, Lara Ann Goldbourne, Ariana Williams



by Alex Prescot
The Arcola (June 2018) as part of 'PEN' 


Two intellectuals argue over the state of university mental health care and whether the human cost of routine mental illness is worth it if it allows the best to become the best.


Andrea Hall and Clemente Lohr


Love and Information

by Caryl Churchill
Munich International School (May 2018) 

Someone sneezes. Someone can’t get a signal. Someone shares a secret. Someone won’t answer the door. Someone put an elephant on the stairs. Someone’s not ready to talk. Someone is her brother’s mother. Someone hates irrational numbers. Someone told the police. Someone got a message from the traffic light. Someone’s never felt like this before.

In this fast moving kaleidoscope more than a hundred characters try to make sense of what they know.

Dramatized with the students at Munich International School


Co-Director: Dimitri Abold


The Woman Who Gave Birth To A Goat

Camden People's Theatre (March 2018)

Emily is pregnant with a goat. This is not a metaphor. Nor is it a drill. It’s actually happening. A Capricorn miracle.

Exactly what the title promises, this piece follows the bizarre journey of a woman who, in five months, will be having a kid. The Woman Who Gave Birth To A Goat is an absurd comedy probing the tricky relationship between humans and animals.


Co-Director: Hugo Aguirre

Cast: Chloe Borthwick


Holly And/Or Ivy 

by Simon Marshall
Arcola Theatre as part of 'PEN' (November 2017) 

Holly And/Or Ivy is a fierce reflection on new motherhood, tradition and how love is shown, spent and clung onto. Through her jokes, anecdotes and confessions we get to know Holly, a young Northern Irish woman introducing her baby to the city. The monologue treats the audience like a Mum’s group, as Holly begins oversharing and soon moves to confiding in us; how she has steeled herself against disappointment. 

How she intends to raise her baby to be on her guard. Against promises. Against Santa. Against 'The Archers' theme tune. But most importantly, against those bringing gifts but not staying for the long-run.

Cast: Emma James


The bizarre high-school experience no-one can relate to…

WAGGO is an energetic, absurd, coming-of-age comedy. Stuck in a surreal detention room, the story revolves around five high-school students dealing with their own peculiar adolescent tribulations. This definitely isn’t your typical teenage drama, especially not with a miraculously pregnant teenage-boy carrying God’s second child…


Twisting all your favourite cult coming-of-age films, we’ve created our own wacky, eclectic, melodramatic rollercoaster of a blockbuster.

Our boom-box is playing outside your window. Let us in. Please, it’s cold. And Mom said our curfew tonight is 10pm. 10:30 tops.


Co-Diretor: Hugo Aguirre
Cast: Andrew Bourne, Sarah Hopkins, Aine Nettleton, Alfie Noble, Juliet Turnbull


Edinburgh Fringe - The Space  @Venue45 (August 2017)
(Sold Out Run)
Production Assistant


“Honour’s coming to the female sex. Slander will no longer injure women.”


It’s 2025. Britain has long left the EU. America has just faced another presidential election. The world has regressed. People are protesting for rights which have been taken away from them.So what happens when Jason leaves his wife Medea and their newborn baby for the daughter of King Creon; a fascist ruler, who opposes everything that Medea stands for? Join us for a tale of domesticity, set in a not-so-distant dystopian future. 


Co-Director: Joseph Winer

Stage Manager: Sofia Zaragoza

Production Technician: Kyle James Murphy

Cast: Freddy Barouh, Emily Campbell, Eva Friedman, Helena Grezo, Daniella Harrison, Stephan Ledesma, Kerry Maxwell, Francesca Miotto, India Raniolo, Emily Redpath, Efe Uwadiae, 

Co-Directed and adapted with Joseph Winer 
Pinter Studio, Queen Mary (March 2017)


Historically, children have had little control over how they are represented in photographs, whether amateur - the holiday snap taken by devoted parents - or commercial - the grinning toddler waking up from a dry night in Pampers. Adults, and adult concerns, have shaped our idea of what childhood looks like. Suddenly with the explosion of the internet and accessible digital photography, young people are able to create their own images of themselves and do pretty much anything with those images - literally at the click of a button. Does the era of social media and the selfie mark a rise in narcissism and image-obsession? Or does the rise of the selfie mean that children are finally able to take control of their own images?


In 2015 Complicite ran workshops with over 100 young people exploring these issues, gathering material and experimenting with a number of different photographic techniques. Run by Complicite Associate director Kirsty Housely and photographer Sarah Ainslie, these workshops lead to work in progress showings at ArtsDepot in August and at the Southbank Centre in October 2016. 

Director: Kirsty Housely
Creative Producer: Poppy Keeling
Designer: Bethany Wells
Photographer: Sarah Ainslie

ArtsDepot (June 2016) Southbank Centre (October 2016)


Assistant Director

Stay Happy, Keep Smiling 

by Anna Jordan 
Jermyn Street Theatre as part of Sheer Height's Women's Redressed Part II (March 2017) 

"I can’t go back after what I have witnessed. It will remain forever; etched in hideous technicolor on the underside of my eyelids."

What has been seen cannot be unseen. Six eyewitnesses to a gruesome murder in broad daylight. Their lives are changed irrevocably, but how? Rita cannot hold her son. Tony does jigsaw puzzles and counts his wife’s breaths. Elliot must face up to who he really is. Farrah is forced to reconnect with a past long forgotten. Annie starts to feel again. And Stefan feels nothing. Inspired by the horror of the Woolwich murder, Stay Happy Keep Smiling is a fictionalised exploration of the lives of ordinary people in the aftermath of an extraordinary event.

Director: Lou-Lou Mason
Production Company: Sheer Heights
Cast: Charlotte Courture, Jaz Hitchinson, Brigette Bennet and Asha Reid


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